Jorinde Barke's jewellery is made to be worn a lifetime. However there are some recommendations to follow: Avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes and remove your jewellery before bed. In case you are taking medication be aware that your perspiration may change the surface of your jewellery. Don't risk scratches in the surface by letting your jewellery pieces rub against each other. Gold vermeil and silver are materials that can tarnish or oxidise naturally over time. To avoid this, polish the jewellery piece regularly. If an oxidation mark appears, gently buff your jewellery with a soft polishing cloth. Please use a jewellery polishing cloth only.



Vermeil is a high quality traditional material made from 925 sterling silver covered with a 5 microns thick layer of 18 karat gold. Often used by goldsmiths, gold vermeil has been used for centuries to create jewellery and notably crown jewels. The layer of gold used on our jewellery is at least five times thicker than on a piece of gold plated bronze jewellery. Each piece of jewellery made from vermeil is hallmarked to guarantee its authenticity.

The silver that we use is rhodium plated. This involves applying a layer of rhodium in order to protect the piece of jewellery and reduce tarnishing. The silver therefore has a grey tone which appears slightly brighter than untreated silver.